Your body responds to your choices!

Several studies prove that our mind and our body are a single entity, rather than two separate systems, i.e. “body AND mind”.

Antonio Damasio has proven that our choices are the result of our cognitive process and our emotions. Since our body is us, our emotions reveal themselves through bodily symptoms. For example, when we are under pressure we betray our emotions through increased perspiration. Our body offers important clues to choices. We all know the “butterflies in our stomach” feeling that comes when we sense “that something is going to happen”.

Recognizing our emotional and bodily reactions is therefore an essential key to improved self-knowledge and leads us to make choices that are not only in harmony with our inner self, but will be beneficial in the long term.

I suggest the following exercise as a first step towards awareness of bodily and emotional reactions:
Think about a recent experience, whether positive or negative.

– In the first column write the three strongest emotions that you have felt throughout your life. To help you, here after is a list of different emotions. Select the ones that reveal your emotional state in that particular situation.
– In the second column write the intensity of each emotion on a 1 (low) to 10 (high) scale.
-In the third column, write the bodily reactions triggered by different emotions.

A brief description of your experience

1st emotion Intensity (1 to 10) Bodily reaction
2nd emotion Intensity (1 to 10) Bodily reaction
3rd emotion Intensity (1 to 10) Bodily reaction

I invite you to ponder on your emotions and bodily reactions at least once a day. As for physical exercise, the ability to feel what is going on within us is acquired by training ourselves to listen to our inner self.

If you wish to learn more on how to choose and on making choices that will be beneficial in the long term, I invite you to sign up for the seminar “Making the good choices” to be held in Paris on the 7th and 8th of January 2015.
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Emotions list :

Affectionate Content Excited Irritated Satisfied
Afraid Contrary Fascinated Joyful Secure
Ambivalent Contrite Foolish Love Serene
Amused Courageous Friendly Outraged Shocked
Angry Delighted Frustrated Peaceful Silly
Annoyed Despairing Furious Pity Sceptical
Anticipation Determined Glad Pleased Stressed
Anxious Disappointed Grateful Polite Stunned
Apathetic Disapproving Grouchy Positive Surprised
Ashamed Disgusted Guilty Powerless Tense
Awe Doubtful Happy Pressured Tired
Blissful Eager Helpless Proud Trusting
Bored Elated Hopeful Rejected Uncertain
Calm Ecstatic Hopeless Relaxed Uncomfortable
Cheerful Embarrassed Hurt Relieved Uneasy
Compassionate Empathic Indignant Resentful Vulnerable
Confident Encouraged Inspired Reverent Warm
Confused Energized Interested Sad Wonderful
Contemptuous Envious Intrigued Safe Worried

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