Anna Gallotti

Executive Coach, Organizational Consultant, Collective Energy Catalyst

I have been an executive coach since 1997 and have a Master Certified Coach (MCC) degree awarded by the International Coaching Federation, which is the highest coaching certification worldwide. Since I obtained my MCC certificate I have been an examiner at MCC level. I also actively participate in the International Coaching Federation advancement: I served as the Vice Chair and Chair of the Thought Leadership Institute (2020-23 included), a think tank aimed at expanding the reach of coaching. Now I am the Chair of the special Task Force “Coaching and Artificial Intelligence” at ICF Global.

In 1999 I created Share, which has two headquarters in Paris and New York, and offices in Milan. I have a network of +80 senior trusted coaches worldwide which I built over the years with my international experience. Share’s core business is executive coaching, organizational development, leadership learning and development. We have contributed, among others, to the creation of corporate academies, as well as international programs on leadership and feedback. My clients have been loyal throughout the years, and they have grown with me.

Italian by birth, Parisian by adoption, I spent the first 25 years of my life in Milan, the following 20 years in Paris, and, as of today, I live in New York. I am currently working both in the United States and in Europe.
I work in English, French and Italian.

My clients' comments

  • I have a truly international profile and work successfully at an international level.
  • I can reach quick results by finding the right starting point through “weak signals”. My method is very effective and economically sustainable.
  • I challenge assumptions about company culture and preconceived ideas.

What I love about my work

To uncover the meeting point between humanity and the tension in attaining objectives; the complexity of situations, albeit with the certainty that a solution can always be found; leading my clients to explore the realm of possibility by challenging preconceived ideas and the pleasure of working with clients who have chosen me and whom I have chosen.

What I love beside my work

To travel, discover new styles and shake my preconceived ideas; to be surprised by nature’s and people’s intelligence. I also love contemporary art, the forcefulness of artists’ messages and the beauty of their creations.

Formal education

  • European Law degree from Milan University (Italy)
  • Master’s degree in European Business Law from the University of Paris V (France)
  • I worked 5 years in a lawyers’ firm and 2 years in Disneyland’s Legal Department in Paris.

Education as a coach

  • Transformance – coaching school in Paris – 15 months
  • Master’s Degree in Neuro-linguistic Programming (with John Grinder)
  • Cognitive and behavioral techniques
  • 101 Certificate in Transactional Analysis
  • Systemic approach with Otto Scharmer
  • Certified in Success Insights (DISC)
  • Certified in Team Management System (TMS)
  • Certified in The Human Element (LHEP)
  • Certified in The International Profiler (TIP)
  • Certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Adult Development Theory with Barbara Braham and Chris Wahl – USA
  • Leadership Agility 360°
  • NEO PI-R Personality Assessment
  • International Systemic Team Coaching certification
  • Deliberately Developmental Organization with Robert Kegan
  • Hogan Certification
  • Harrison Assessments Certification
  • Coaching Supervision (ICCS – UK) – ongoing


I wrote three books: “Make the right choices” published also in French (“Faire les bons choix”) and in Italian (“L’arte di prendere le decisioni giuste”); “L’art et la pratique du coaching professionnel” and my new book “Le coaching de managers et de dirigeants” (both in French only for the moment).

As an expert coach, I regularly contribute to Forbes with articles and insights. I publish monthly newsletters on Linkedin.

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