Le Coaching de Managers et de Dirigeants

Today, one in two managers is supported during their career by a professional coach when taking up a new position, joining a management committee, dealing with crisis management or the implementation of changes. The coach can help managers and leaders in their decision-making process and to set up the conditions for success, whether in team building or in launching innovative projects. This reference book for coaches is also a guide for managers and leaders. It showcases typical management situations, analyzes them, comments on them, and provides a range of concepts and tools to make managers feel supported during key moments.

12 detailed and commented “SITUATIONS” SHEETS to better understand and decode the different dimensions of coaching.

12 “CONCEPTS” SHEETS which present the theories and techniques useful in coaching issues.

Written by Anna Gallotti, Catherine Tanneau, Paul Delahaie.


L’art et la pratique du coaching professionnel

(soon available in English: The art and practice of professional coaching)

In the book “The art and practice of professional coaching”, 15 Master-Coaches, including Anna Gallotti, have teamed up and accepted the pooling, the confrontation and the enrichment of their respective experiences in the project of transmission of their know-how.

These professionals, certified Master Certified Coachs the International Coach Federation (ICF), are involved in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Canada and the United States, in international organizations of all sizes and in all sectors.
Coaching by seasoned professionals is a means of creating, innovating, changing old habits deeply and joyfully to ACTIVELY LIVE in the real world.

Preface by Jean-François Cousin, President of the International Coach Federation worldwide and Yves Daccord, General Manager of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Afterword by Valérie Peyre, Director of Strategy at the World Economic Forum.

Make the Right Choices

Prefaced by Ethan Schutz

We make choices every day, from the simplest to the toughest. Considering all the opportunities life offers, the question is not only what to choose but how to choose what will make us happy, without regrets, without being weighed down by education, conventions and the desire to please. With practical tools and exercises, the authors lead us toward a greater self-awareness and show us how to make choices that can contribute to a better life.

«Combining philosophical reflections and psychological research, storytelling and practical tips, Make the Right Choices is a blueprint for a happier and more fulfilling life. The first right choice I recommend making is reading this book!»

TAL BEN SHAHAR positive psychology expert and author of the international bestsellers Being Happy and Choose The Life You Want.

This book was born from the personal awareness that we always have a choice in life, even in very difficult situations. Although it was sometimes painful to admit my responsibility, accepting that what happened to me was the consequence of seemingly trivial earlier choices made me feel stronger and joyfully free.
Today I coach my clients to choose mindfully and to accept their own choices in order to become actors of their lives.

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