Discover opportunities
and broaden your impact
«All Truths are easy to understand once they are revealed.
The difficult part is to reveal them.»
Galileo Galilei
Connect with
each one’s humanity
«Human, know yourself and you will know the Universe and the Gods»
Delfi's Oracle (as reported by Socrates V century B.C.)
Focus on the essential
to increase results
«Less is more»
Mies Van Der Rohe
Put events into perspective
to navigate complexity
«Out of complexity, find simplicity!»
Albert Einstein

Anna Gallotti

Executive Coach, Organizational Consultant, Collective Energy Catalyst

master certified coach mcc

The future of coaching

The Group Coaching institute teaches business leaders, human resources professionals and coaches how to effectively problem-solve in the workplace. Whether in-person or remote, these skills can really elevate your employees' experience and business results. I created the Group Coaching Institute because I am convinced group coaching is the future of coaching: it’s more collaborative, more sustainable, and brings real change at the collective level.

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26 October 2022
We often tell ourselves “No” before even…

My books

So far, I have written three books in collaboration with other authors:

Make the right choices” – translated also in French and in Italian

L’art et la pratique du coaching professionnel” – available in French

Le coaching de managers et de dirigeants” – available in French 

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