Ben Dattner

New York

Ben Dattner

Ben believes that executive coaching is a strategic investment in human capital for high-potential and successful leaders who can accelerate their development with the candid and constructive feedback of a coach. There are two main components of each coaching engagement: first, the client learns to more accurately assess his or her strengths and development needs, and second, sets and achieves challenging goals which build on his or her identified strengths while also addressing areas for improvement, considering not just their own leadership challenges and opportunities, but also the larger team and corporate environment in which they are working.

Prior to coaching, Ben worked at Republic National Bank of New York (now HSBC) in various roles and departments. Ben has also been an adjunct professor at New York University since 2002, and is the author of “Credit and Blame at Work: How Better Assessment Can Improve Individual, Team and Organizational Success” (published by Simon & Schuster).

Ben graduated with honors from Harvard College with a BA in Psychology, and received his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from New York University.

Ben lives in New York City and coaches both in English and in Spanish.

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