Individual Coaching

In individual coaching we involve the person as a whole: his/her thoughts, beliefs and feelings, his/her actions and expressions. We challenge the subject’s awareness of intentions and goals. Most of our work concerns relationships, to self and to others (leadership, management, communication).

Individual coaching can be initiated and funded individually or at corporate level, i.e. sponsored by a corporation for one or more members of its staff.

Corporate Individual Coaching generally includes the following steps:

Coach selection by the coachee
Kick-off meeting of the coach with the coachee, his/her manager (or an HR representative), in order to set the goals
The coach drafts a coaching proposition, which includes detailed goals and general agreement conditions
The coachee and the corporate contact both receive the coaching proposition, for their approval and signature
The coaching sessions are based on one of the following options:
· 10-hour mini-coaching session. This is generally used to coach the invididual through a training programme
· 15-hour programme: 1 ½ - 2-hour sessions, over a 6 month period
· 20-hour programme: 1 ½ - 2-hour (sometimes 3-hour) sessions, over a 9 month period. This option is recommended when major changes are being implemented in the coachee’s organisation.
If necessary, a midcourse meeting can also be decided with the coachee and the corporate contact, to report on the progress made and, if necessary, adjust the objectives.
Wrap-up meeting, to summarize the results of the coaching and ascertain that expectations have been met.