Our values in action

Consequences of the Philosophy of the Whole on our daily life, both professional and personal.

Our common denominator is the “Whole”: all that surrounds us is a part of us, as much as we are part of the environment. As living entities, since we are part of one and only system, each one of our actions has an impact on that system.
On an individual basis, this means that:

Leaders’ positive and negative actions have stronger impacts on their direct environment than they perceive. These impacts, which sometimes go unnoticed on the short term, often emerge permanently and powerfully on different levels (butterfly effect).
Since we are part of the system, what goes on inside us has an impact on the world around us. Even if it may not seem obvious, when everything goes wrong during the day, it is probable that our own mood is partially responsible.
Actions have the same impact as inaction. It is a mistake to think that omissions have no effect.
Respecting our colleagues, our employees, and our boss means respecting ourselves. This by no means implies that one should refrain from giving negative feedback or telling unwelcome truths; yet it is always preferable to act in the respect of others, since others are human beings with whom we share our existence within the “Whole”.

On an organizational basis, this means:

Respecting one’s employees, providing them with a harmonious working environment consistent with their capabilities. Employees are the company’s soul: an adequate organization can greatly increase their efficiency.
Giving employees well defined roles and tasks, allowing them to find their own self fulfillment, thus preventing the waste of precious energy typically associated with power struggles.
Reprimanding malicious behavior, which would have a negative effect on the entire organization (each one of us could provide examples…), with a multiplying adverse influence on results.
Allowing collective intelligence to emerge at all levels of the organization: since they are a part of the “Whole”, employees who occupy the lowest echelons, though unfortunately not adequately exploited, are excellent sources of both innovation and growth.
For employees: the respect of the working environment and of managers will convey positive energy and enable them to face the world’s complexity together.

On a social basis, since we are citizens of this world, this means:

Controlling waste production and participating in the recycling process, so as to contribute to the preservation of our planet, which is part both of us and of the “Whole”.
Respecting common goods and preserving our city, which amounts to respecting ourselves, since we are part of both our city and the “Whole”.
Applying living standards that are healthy and respectful of nature. Nature is part of us and we are part of nature. Let’s treat it with love!