Raleigh Mayer

New York

Raleigh Mayer

Raleigh, known as the “Gravitas Guru”, helps senior leaders become more sophisticated at managing relationships, career advancement, and teams. She is an advisor, coach, educator, and speaker, serving ambitious executives who are willing to challenge themselves by experimenting with new business behaviors and strategies.

Raleigh has counseled, coached, and presented to dozens of chief executives and thousands of business leaders from Fortune 500 companies in a variety of enterprises, which include Financial services, consumer goods, technology, law, and entertainment.
Her signature group presentations and seminars include “Getting to Gravitas”, “Persuasive Presentation”, “Inclusive Leadership”, and “Natural Networking”.

In her previous career, Raleigh was head of Media and Public Affairs for the New York City Marathon where her role spanned corporate communications, marketing, sponsor and community relations, and membership and business development.

Raleigh is based in New York and works in English.

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