Daniele Giangiardi Vendichetis

San Paolo

Daniele Giangiardi Vendichetis

Daniele Giangiardi is a professional certified coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation. She is post graduated in human leadership development by FGV and has more than 19 years of business experience, always working with C-Level executives across different industries and cultures.

Besides working as a leadership coach for ICI (Integrated Coaching Institute) and for executives in the largest companies in Brazil and other countries, she has four years of experience as a CHRO in an automation software company, which gives her a high-level corporate background in the technology and human resources areas.

She has over 2000 hours of experience in executive coaching sessions and has also designed and executed several leadership workshops and group trainings for C-level professionals.

Clients appreciate Daniele for her confidentiality, empathy and creativity in the sessions, wich creates a good environment for them to feel more motivated and expand their resolution capabilities. They also appreciate her business understanding, the tangible and sustainable results they achieve and the wide range of skills and tools she uses to move the learning along.

Daniele is based in Brazil and works in English and Portuguese.

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