Anne Roques


Anne Roques

Anne has been an Executive Coach since 1999, guiding executives and leaders on their international journey to success.

She was born in France and has lived in the UK for the last 30 years. She is now a Franco-British citizen and operates regularly in Paris, Brussels and London. Her personal and professional lives have always been intertwined together with a lifestyle full of curiosity, dynamism and reflection.

She gained a wealth of corporate, business and management experience through the different international roles she held before becoming an Executive Coach. This has given Anne an excellent understanding of the complexity of international business issues and allowed her to put her clients’ situations in the right perspective.

She provides a space and a coaching style where she listens between the words with compassion while challenging with grace. This allows the client to evolve in the chaos of the corporate life while honouring his/her values and highest purpose in life.

Her references are with global companies: Arco Chemical, Air France, Bayer, BNY Mellon, Bel, EADS, HSBC, Ingersoll Rand, Lafarge, La Poste, MBDA, Oracle, RIO Tinto, Rockwell Collins, Sanofi Aventis, Orange, Total, Subsea7.

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