Francesco Pimpinelli


Francesco Pimpinelli

Francesco was one of the very first professionals providing coaching in Italy. In 2002 he decided to devote himself to executive coaching, becoming an expert in facilitating change for executives and leadership teams through coaching.

He integrates four main qualities to support leaders in improving performance and leading change: senior management and management consulting experience, an international and cross-cultural perspective, a strong competence in personal development, a systemic approach to foster purpose, innovation, collaboration and the achievement of sustainable results.

Francesco works with individuals and teams to support cultural and behavioral change in key positions in companies. He is an expert in Systemic Coaching, and combines Neuro-Linguistic Programmation with Systemic Constellations to support leaders to manage personal, relationship and organizational issues with an innovative and effective approach.

Francesco gained extensive expertise in the corporate and business environment developed over 16 years of working with major international organizations. He has been a manager at Olivetti, a consultant for the European Union and Gemini Consulting.

He lives in Milan, and coaches fluently in both Italian and English.

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