Systemic coaching with Human Element

Human Element solutions create sustainable, resilient, high-performance cultures. The product of scientific research—FIRO Theory—and the best of experiential learning, The Human Element works with the roots of human behavior and motivation, creating deep, lasting change and avoiding the pitfalls of ‘flavor-of-the-month’ methods. Results include increased productivity and innovation, lower turnover, faster times to market, and greater flexibility and capacity for adapting.

We are certified to provide consulting, coaching and training based on this tool.

The Human Element is based on three fundamental change principles:

Truth – Truth is the grand simplifier. It improves organizational effectiveness by making teams, decision making, and individual performance more effective, faster, and ultimately more profitable for the organization.
Choice – The choice principle creates accountability. Everything that happens between people is the result of the choices each person has made—both consciously and unconsciously. Each one of us is 100% responsible for ourselves and our situation and no one is to blame.
Awareness – The higher our level of self-awareness and self-esteem, the more our behavior is rational and not defensive.

When applied in organizations, these principles change many of our common beliefs about they way people work, resulting in a set of new assumptions.