Organizational coaching and change management consulting

This part of our activity is carried out mostly with large teams (over 40). Its purpose is to help them face major organizational issues, such as:

Building vision
Developing strategy
Transforming a business model
Implementing major corporate changes, such as mergers or acquisitions
Consolidating corporate culture through actions involving different entities and furthering their interaction: operational teams, HR, IT, communication….

In this case we coach our client to:

Work with collective intelligence: organizations can find solutions to their challenges… as long as they can rely on a sufficient number of active contributors
Co-create and co-facilitate seminars with the client’s representatives
Introduce organizational learning, thus enabling the organization to keep learning even after we have completed our mission
Develop the company leaders’ awareness of the power of cooperation, collective intelligence, and organizational learning practices
Conceive and implement a specific process to help organizations find their own solutions.