Coaching: Definition and objectives

Coaching is the art of helping a person or a group find answers to their questions.

Coaching is also a contract between coach and client, its goal being the attainment of the client's objectives through a creative process which, by stimulating introspection, reveals the client's potential. By client we mean an individual, a team, or a larger group.

The role of the coach is to help the client examine new possibilities and implement necessary changes. Through coaching, the client develops skills and strategies to improve his own, as well as the organization's, performance . Throughout this process, we never lose track of the business issues facing the individual or the organization. Successful coaching means that our clients learn to uncover their needs, face them and build self-confidence so as to achieve their goals. The level of self-confidence and autonomy is a major factor in our job.

All our coaching activities respect the ethical code of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Anna Gallotti is a “Master Certified Coach”, the highest level of certification delivered by the ICF.