Our approach: interdependence associated with the quantum effect

The impact of the Company
and BU in the world

Our energyREAD HERE
  • The well-being of employees, the fluidity of relationships
  • The engine, what we are passionate about
  • Reason of being: What is our mission? For what purpose we act?
  • This' which is greater than us, that inspires us: respect our customers, respect nature, do our job properly ...

Communities of peopleREAD HERE
  • Men and women
  • The transverse interactions within the enterprise
  • Relationships with customers, suppliers, partners
  • The final customers
  • The geographical region
  • The country
  • The world

Our foundationsREAD HERE
  • Our collective story
  • Our collective experiences
  • Our capabilities as a team
  • Our common values
  • Our common beliefs

  • The role of the Business Unit/Company
  • The relationship with other Business Units/Companies
  • The Company/The Mother Company and the Group
  • The social and economical system The world


ME: my uniqueness and
my impact in the world

My energyREAD HERE
  • Engine: that I'm passionate about
  • My reason for living: what is my mission? For what purpose I act?
  • Spirituality: what 'that is bigger than me, that inspires me: God, Nature, Humanity, Love, Friendship, ...

My personal lifeREAD HERE
  • My family
  • My community
  • My region
  • My country
  • My continent
  • The world

My foundationsREAD HERE
  • The story of my life
  • My experiences
  • My capabilities
  • My values
  • My beliefs

My professional lifeREAD HERE
  • My function
  • My team
  • My Business Unit
  • My company
  • The social and economic environment
  • The world

Some basic ideas...

Our 15 year experience in the area of management, executive committees and corporate consulting, has confirmed what classical philosophy has been suggesting for centuries: everything is interconnected, often to a far greater degree than we can see or explain with words. Like Russian dolls, individuals are part of a team within the very heart of the company, in a social and economic system that belongs to a more complex world. Every event and decision exists within the framework of a global system whose actions and responsibilities we all share.

Additional details...